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Music Tech. This business is a super rad, ace, TOTALLY AWESOME platform for pretty much everyone that is in or touches the Music industry, a lot. And they’re doing good things all over the world.
This is a new role, due to growth. The strategy, so far, has been to create an amazing Product, with great Design (in an industry screaming for it) with great Customer Experience and the users and therefore, revenue will come.
Up until this point, that has worked. But when you REALLY want to grow and to scale with a little more pace and efficiency, there comes a time to bring in a Marketer to drive that. The timing is right. Given this is what I would consider a genuine startup, ready to scale, you’re going to need to do a lot of stuff. Things as well. But let’s cover off what sits within Marketing first, shall we?
Churn is ridiculously healthy. This is one of the stickiest products I think I’ve ever seen. The subscriber base provides a very healthy place for you to start.
What can be improved on and what will be the focus?
Conversion rate to paid, although high, with a little more thinking and science behind what we’re doing, I see that being an easy win. The big one, though, is the top of the funnel. Customer Acquisition is going to be the main part of your life for the first year. Think B2B SaaS – you need to grow the subscriber base. The vast majority of clients are international, so you need to be comfortable in markets such as Europe and the US.
Bring a data-driven mindset that can always bring decisions back to ROI. Working with Product on market and user opportunities. What do we prioritise? Where are the commercial opportunities and how do we take stuff to market? What does the pricing need to look like?
Other things? You’ll be a leader in the business getting in front of clients. You’re not a Salesperson, but you’re supporting that effort. Onboarding and Customer Success. What does that experience look like? What Tech are we using? What are we saying? How are we ensuring the customer is getting the value and that high standard CX from day one?
Who are you?
Someone that can deal with an environment that’s lean, not precious that is data-driven that can add commercial value. A Growth Marketer or Product Marketer first. I think this would be best for someone with start-up/scale-up experience, using Tech to solve a problem. Not daunted by a global remit and can deal with ambiguity and pace.
I like this one – it’s a juicy role in a cool business with good people at the time it’s about to blow up.
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