Growth Hacker (Digital Insights Analyst)


So, why the long(ish) two-part job title? Good question! I am going to try and give you a compelling response that will hopefully make sense and you’ll think: “I get it. I get what this role is. A job ad that actually makes sense and tells me stuff. Sounds great. This guy is amazing at his job, in fact, he sounds like a stand-up guy. Maybe we could be friends?”
Maybe we could. Maybe we could.
The way I think about this gig, friend, is a commercial/growth driven and curious/inquisitive Digital Insights Analyst. This is with a business that is a two-sided marketplace that is growing significantly locally and abroad. The culture is super RAD. Really awesome, dawg.
What makes them so? Good humans that want to be there, believe in what they’re doing, their product and the vision. That might sound fluffy, but it’s pretty important and good to know if you’re going to be spending five days a week there. This role joins a team of 10 mixed with creative, content, design, marketing and development. This is the team solely responsible for commercial growth.
What am I doing Brett??? Tell me the things!
Okily-dokily. You’ll own all paid activity and be driving acquisition on both sides of this marketplace. You’ll also be managing the conversion funnel – balancing the supply and demand, CRO and be the key person providing insights back into the business to make decisions.
Where are the leaks? Who is in-product? What do the transactions look like? Who/what are we retargeting?
Who do you need to be and where do you need to come from?
Ideally, experience in a tech start-up or scale-up (yes, that’s a thing now). Good SEO understanding. Good with people and prepared to test stuff. Solve problems and be CX and Growth driven. Oh, the biggest thing, be the go-to on all things Data and Insights. Be on the tools and able to support the business in making decisions.
Sound interesting? Is this the best job ad you’ve ever read? Of course, it is. Apply!
Emails and texts are ok, applications are even better. I will say this, though, I am hopeless at voice messages. I barely get around to them and I’m sure my mailbox has given up on me.
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