Growth Hacker (Digital Insights Analyst)


Growth Hacker. Yes, that’s the job title and we’re running with it. It’s cool and it’s actually relevant. 

We could call it Rockstar, Ninja, Agent of Change, Digital Data Innovation Transformation Omnichannel Evangelist, even. I think. 

But we’re not. 

However, I would like to think of this gig as a Digital Insights Analyst. But, how many times has someone said, “Hey, what do you do?” You then say, “I’m a Digital Insights Analyst.” The person you just said that to, often crosses their eyes, not knowing what the hell you just said. 

Say Growth Hacker though? It’s accepted. Probably not understood, but you get a knowing nod, even if they don’t know. But we’re not just calling it this, to avoid awkward small talk crashing and burning. 

ON POINT now… 

This is a gig for a well-known brand that does a hell of a lot, but oftentimes people don’t even realise. When you’re researching, accessing data across many markets, you’re using them. And this role, this crazy Growth Hacker is at the heart of helping the business to drive, dare I say it, innovation and supporting business goals.
What are their goals? Understanding the different customers and users, drive greater engagement, conversation and ultimately resulting in growth.
What are you doing about all of this?
All digital assets, and there may be a few – but let’s just talk about a website for now. You need to, with the support of an SEO Analyst, deep dive into the data, understand where the leaks are, what can be changed and tweaked with what we have. The sign-up process could be better? This form sucks. These leaks can be fixed way back here. We can increase page user per session by doing THIS.
We’re not ripping the website down and starting again. We are HACKING what we currently have to ultimately provide a better, easier experience, resulting in greater engagement and GROWTH.
Oh yes, we’re GROWTH HACKING. <mic drop> <coolly awaits applause and praise> 
Who are you? Digital Insights Analyst, or someone very close to what we’re covered, very much at home within Digital and also Product/CX driven environments. OK with both fast pace but also complexity.
Sound like you? Did you actually understand what I’ve been saying amongst all of the WORDS and backstory? Do your thing.
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