Front End Developer – Multiple opportunities | Various levels


The financial year might be winding down, but we’re only ramping up. We’ve got front-end developer opportunities coming out of our ears at the moment, and best of all, no two are the same.

We’ve got senior level roles with a focus on rebuilding their product within the sports media broadcasting sector, a UI focussed developer role with a multi-award winning product development agency and a kick-ass opportunity for React engineers to build a brand new platform from scratch.

See what I mean? – and that’s just a few from the list

Let’s try something a bit different…

Instead of listing a whole heap of buzzwords and technologies and making you read a long as advert, I thought I might use this time and space to give you an overview of the types of developers we’re keen to have a chat with, the kind of problems our clients are solving and what’s in it for you.

Then, it’s over to you! Give us a call or drop us a mail to have a more in-depth chat. We have a heap of roles on, but without getting to know you, for you – we won’t know which ones will fit what you’re looking for… Deal? 

Developer’s we’d be keen to hear from will have/be:

  • Strong fundamental front-end chops – you know, things that make building apps a thing.
  • A self-directed learner – the FE space moves rapido, so picking up new skills on the fly is essential
  • An idea of the type of problems you enjoy and get pumped solving solving
  • An opinion on why you prefer a certain JS framework – we have roles across angular, react and vue, so should be able to introduce you to some belters, but what we’re interested in is why you like one framework other another.

The stuff you can get involved in:

  • Building web applications that help companies and projects with a social conscious
  • Leading the way from a front end perspective on what technologies get utilised, why and what engineering principles will make the team more effective.
  • World peace! – Actually, I can’t guarantee that one (but maybe)?!

We’re really nice, we actually know what we’re doing and we care about helping you create your future. So, if any of this so much as piques a little bit of your interest – get in touch for a chat!

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