Digital Product Designer


*Phone call to an energy company*

“Hi… yes it’s me again for the 5th time, i’m still awaiting for a technician to arrive to connect my house. I’ve been navigating my house for a month with a lamp like i’m Indiana Jones exploring for an evil magical skull. I don’t understand why this query has been directed to 4 seperate departments and no one knows who this mystery technician is or where it is in the que? You’re going to transfer me again!?! WAIT NO NO N—”

*disconnect tone*

*oil lamp runs out*

Yep, we’ve been there, and it absolutely sucks. You shake your hand in the air and think to yourself “How has no one thought of a better way to streamline connection of energy to a property without all this weird phone tiggy, “lost paperwork” and an ellusive Mystery X Technician that frankly I think no one really believes exists?”

What if I told you, I found the answer? And you could be a part of the journey in building, designing & simplifying one of the most painful moments of moving into a new home?

The Product, The Team and the Vision

The team consists of 8 humans and 1 puppy (yes, you absolutely heard correctly) and they are currently streamlining over 60,000 connections every year for energy retailers, builders and property managers. They have major investment from Alinta Energy who have provided a 5-year backing, this means they have the perks, agility, speed to market and autonomy of a start-up but the safety from a multi-billion dollar company. Their product is EXTREMELY human-centric, meaning they are constantly researching, designing, testing and iterating their product.

So, i’m pretty good at this whole Digital Product Design, what does this role look like?

Stretch your fingers & your mind as you will be:
  • Working directly with the Senior UX/UI Designer & two developers to rapidly prototype, validate & iterate by using personas, key use cases, user journeys and feature sets
  • Empathise with our users and analyse their needs, reducing them to a  set of essential challenges.   
  • Brainstorm solutions with cross-functional team members.   
  • Articulate your proposed conceptual designs to the team using  sketching, whiteboarding, or other low-fidelity visual techniques.   
  • Embrace feedback and engage in open, respectful discussion.   
  • Refine and iterate desired experience flows through wireframes and  interactive prototypes using tools such as Sketch and Invision.   
  • Validate your designs using appropriate user testing techniques,  including remote unmoderated platforms and first-person sessions.   
  • Show initiative and inspire others by proactively identifying and  proposing solutions for feature gaps, sub-optimal interactions or  anything else you think could improve the experience for our users.   
  • Develop new skills and advance your career through mentoring, experimentation and collaboration in a relaxed, creative environment.
Okay cool got it, so what skills do I need to show to pay the bills?
  • An online folio that demonstrates experience in digital product  thinking? and previously shipped UX design for interactive  products.   
  • Proven ability to create personas, journey maps, experience  workflow diagrams, wireframes, UX audits & other documentation
  • Proven ability to create high-fidelity mockups and interactive  prototypes based on an existing design system using tools such as  Sketch, Invision, Framer or Principle
  • Proven ability to work in a multi-disciplinary team, while  maintaining the capacity for self-direction with little supervision.    
  • A strong rapport with engineers and an understanding of  technology constraints that allows you to communicate and iterate  upon a world-class product. 
And if i’m super awesome what will I have?
  • You have worked in a tech startup that embraces lean MVP  delivery and you have some understanding of sprint grooming &  sizing, retros and github issue tracking etc.   
  • You have worked on a responsive SaaS platform with Product  Managers and Business Analysts to support multiple user  personas and their associated requirements and flows etc.   
  • You have a basic level of coding proficiency eg XHTML & CSS.  We don’t expect you to be a developer, but some skill here  enhances your ability to create production-ready designs and communicate with devs to iterate in-browser where required.   
  • You have illustration skills. They would come in handy.   
  • You have a sense of humour and are easy to get along with. Actually this one’s kind of non-negotiable.

Reading this and thinking “Yep, enough’s enough with this nightmare of property energy connection. I have the power to change the world with my design powers!” call me on 0407 903 686. I have a cape waiting.

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