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So, here we are again, working with an awesome start-up, an actual start-up! Not the Tech Bros that have been going for 10 years doing 150 series B rounds. No. They started not so long ago, with a lot of success to boast already. They’re struggling with the workload, hence why I am writing this and looking for a Digital Marketing Specialist.

These guys are a Data and Content Consultancy. Good, smart Founders that are humble and very human. That echoes through the culture.
OK, so what do you need to have under your belt? I’m not going to use the words ninja, hacker, evangelist. None of those but let’s say you’ve got to be handy with Paid Advertising, most importantly Google AdWords. Also be able to manage campaigns and report back giving some direction around what’s working, what’s not as well as what the business is not doing but should be. Some SEO would be handy but, it’s a ‘nice to have’. 
You’ll be client facing and driving as much, or as little, engagement as you like with plenty of support and leadership. You have the ability to decide. So, understanding what they care about, therefore the metrics to measure and problems you’re trying to solve is a key part of the day-to-day.
What else can I tell you? You’ll have done all of this before, client-side or externally, whether you have had a couple of years experience and are now looking for a role that gives you some freedom and autonomy, or if you are a gun and looking to work part-time, it’s not out of the questions. Being at the early stages of a growing business, you will have a lot of control over your role – how it is shaped and where it goes? This, I think, is a pretty good option.
Beyond Digital Marketing– if you want to develop in other areas and be hands-on with, awesome, we can do that too. Want to moonlight as Designer or get involved in Content, sure, we can try and make that happen too.    
Sounds good? Sounds RAD? Most excellent. Apply, contact me – hell, do both.

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