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Do you guys remember when you had to watch the other kids in primary school, that were interested in Debating – The Debate Team and they’d always throw out the line: “Webster’s dictionary defines fire as…” Yeah, we know it’s hot. But luckily Webster was there to define it all for us.
So, let’s try this then! Webster’s dictionary defines “Customer” as one that purchases a commodity or a service. And in case you’re all wondering, it’s a noun. You’re welcome. They also go on to define “Success” as a favourable or desired outcome and “Manager” as… I can’t do this anymore. It’s stupid and to quote the almighty and powerful Lord Helmet, “It means, absolutely nothing!”
You’re Googling Lord Helmet, aren’t you?
I had a point and that was… A heck of a lot of people and organisations don’t really know what Customer Success is. Some say, “Oh, it’s this fancy new American term that is basically blahblahblah.” A lot of places think it’s Customer Service. A lot think it’s Account Management. Sure, they are aspects of the job and Enterprise SaaS has a massive AM flavour to it. I, however, think there is more to it and it will continue to grow and mature, when more people start to cotton-on to it.
Health Tech. Broad. However, willing to bet you roughly know what that means. No more detail on that, but I will say, very successful and a great start. Massive growth and they’ve done a great job at projective a great, positive brand with values. Very down to earth Founder that is human, humble but bloody smart. Yes, he’s the smart guy in the room BUT won’t ever say it. I would, probably why they’re there and I’m not.
In this gig, you can be a more established CSM looking to grow and expand, or relatively new to it and wanting to really learn and stretch your legs. You need to be at home in a fast-paced environment and, I think, a pretty innovative business.
Yes, manage and reduce churn. Yes, maximise the lifetime value of your portfolio. But providing the best customer experience, directly, and feeding that back into the business is where you truly add value and make an impact. You are the front-line source of insights to influence Product roadmaps, UX and Development.
Is this a thing you’re interested in? Do you like Spaceballs? Good. Tell me more about you.

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