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You know, there aren’t a lot of CRM gigs in Melbourne. Trust me. I’ve searched high and low and there really aren’t that many of you out there. Before I carry on, if there are any buzz words and jargon – for the love of God I’m sorry.
But back to what I was saying/thinking out loud…
I wonder why that is? It seems to me, there should be more need for this? I get a number of other roles that touch on this, or have some accountability of this and are perhaps too lean to have a dedicated resource. But… as I see it, CRM roles are a really effective making the link between the technology we use, the data we access, use, and store, the customers we have and/or want to target and talk to. This role is pretty much that.
I think a role like this is role underpins what helps us drive “personalisation” which really isn’t a thing in Australia.
When we talk about experience and really knowing your customer, the larger Retail circle consists of businesses that either don’t know or care about it, or are really trying to drive positive change to make the customer feel valued and like we are talking to them, just them, and we know who they are and what they care about.
This business fits in the second bucket. There is a lot of investment in tools and systems to move away from what is currently manual. Too manual. Let’s get that and the basics right. There is a huge customer base that is loyal and even now, have a genuine connection and love for the brand.
What will you be doing?
The key things, I think, really get you close to the customer. You’ll be heavily involved in helping the business to be more data-driven/savvy in campaign execution and analysis/optimisation. How it is performing? Is it hitting the measures of success?
Lifecycle programs. Have scope and autonomy around building designing these programs to different segments based on their level of engagement. So, looking at churn, maximising CLTV etc… You’ll be getting down and dirty with CSS and HTML – solid knowledge and skill is a must and some experience with SQL is a bonus.
Back to who this business is, we haven’t really talked about culture and what it is like working there. My thoughts on it are – not a single precious person there. Let’s have our voices heard, contribute, make a decision and get on with it.
It’s flat, it’s not hierarchical and you have a group of people that across all product lines, business units and functions, just want to do the best job possible for the customer. Job titles don’t seem to matter. There is genuine interest and care about the customer. To provide a good product and experience and that should lead us to success. It isn’t about offers and margins here. That’s what I see.
Right, so, if you’ve been able to extract enough from my ramblings to figure out whether this is a fit and of interest, or if you’re curious, this is a job ad – you know what to do.
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