Corporate Communications Consultant Gig, But In A #StartUp


What if I told you that there is a business here in Brisbane who was founded by a group of legends that previously worked with the likes of Google + Microsoft, and in a very short space of time have built an incredible startup that is now firmly partnered up with FACEBOOK?

I know, right. Amazing!

Our team met the founder over a beer or two at Newstead Brewery some time ago now, and they casually dropped into their conversation that they were not long back from a trip to the US where he visited the Facebook HQ’s and personally had lunch with ‘Zuck’ (Mark Zuckerberg). Yeah, no biggie.

Ok, ok, so you want to know more about who these guys are, where they’re going and what problems they’re trying to solve.

Well, read on friend.

Founded a little over two years ago, this business is already well and truly over double digits (in staff, that is!) and have huge ambitions of building a pretty sizeable crew within the next twelve months and doing it on a global scale too – with their sights set firmly in having a presence in the US and Asia, which is happening as we speak.

At their core, they’re a services-based business who have a vision of productizing many of their services as they grow around Workplace by Facebook. They are specialists in exploring modern digital solutions to create elegantly connected, digitally enhanced, and well-communicated workplaces. In short, they are solving problems for companies challenged with communication, collaboration, and productivity.

Ok, so here’s where you come in:

Well, the title internally is coined as a ‘Communications Consultant’ and the role itself sits within the Enablement team.

What’s that, you say?

Ohhh, you’re wondering what an Enablement team does? Well, the Enablement Consultants is a wonderful combo of Project Managers, Customer Success Managers, and Service Delivery legends. They’re handling the implementation of my client’s product, and the missing link out of all this is you.

Yes, you. A Corporate Communication extraordinaire who has that communications ‘je n’ais se quoi’ and can help them cleverly consult and communicate with their clients in a way that is meaningful, impactful and commercial.

Here’s more about what we’re looking for in YOU!

We’re imagining that you’ll be someone who is supremely comfortable in packaging up the written word and delivering it with a certain flair and finesse. You’ve probably been hanging out in Corporate Communication land, and I’m hoping that you’ve done a stint in consulting, OR, have at the very least worked in a client/service-centric environment at one stage or another in your career.

Your #AwesomeSauce is being able to communicate effectively to an array of audiences in a meaningful and impactful way. This is YOUR jam, and you absolutely love it!

You’ll be the kind of person who’s motivation for good work is self-perpetuating, and you are cool with getting work done autonomously. Aaaand, it goes with out saying that you’ll be hella’ organized too, with a Marie Kondo type approach to segmenting what needs to get done, and when.

What’s important here my friends, is that you are a nice human.

Communication is YOUR jam, and you like to treat everyone like it’s their birthday.

You’ve got no ego. Yep, you leave that at the door and you carry yourself with humility.

To be a success, you’ll need to have

  • Circa 5 + years’ experience in a corporate communications environment, with a touch of consulting in there for good measure;
  • An ability to deliver change communications across multiple channels, including webpages and social media;
  • Prior experience in producing easy-to-understand, creative and effective communications and resources (This might include things like factsheets, promotional information and infographics, and maybe even a few sneaky memes too!);
  • Experience using Web Content Management Systems, Social Media platforms, and collaboration tools;
  • Razor sharp communication skills. (You’re no stranger to presenting, holding training sessions and putting together tidy documentation for clients so they know all the good work that’s been happening behind the scenes);
  • You’ll have no problems in managing up, sideways and externally. In other words, you’ve got some pretty tidy stakeholder management skills and you know how to use them;
  • Confidence and a belief in the work you’re capable of doing;
  • Super comfortable to work closely with and advise, senior executives of enterprise-level organizations; And
  • Excellent problem-solving abilities to work cross-functionally to deliver some pretty slick results.

Aside from having a pretty impressive career background in the BIG, bad world of Communications, a huge part of hiring for this role is going to based on attitude and culture fit. So, if you’re clever, creative, curious, and have some cool ways of doing stuff; then chances are you’ll probably get on well.

Are you intrigued?

Have I piqued your interest?

Excellent, ya’ll know what to do!

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