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I love working with businesses here in Brisbane that is home to some truly great humans, I really do. And I also love it when they ask me to partner with them to help them find new crew members to add to their little families. #nothingbetter

So, who are these guys you’re wondering? Well, they’re a full-service marketing agency, filled with passionate and inspiring people who rock up every day with the goal of doing great work that pushes clients and consumers to BIG things.

They’re clever. They’re cool. They like cacti. They like to travel.
They’re also partial to long lunches and work BFF’s.
Sounding good? Read along, my friend!

So these guys need a NEW Account Manager. They need an organized, proactive, process-driven and passionate juggler. Someone with pretty solid client-facing skills under their belt, and the sort of person that these sorts of skills that come naturally to them, because they’re a people person. They need a crew member who can write and present  ideas clearly and put a pitch deck or report together with no dramas at all. #likeaboss

We’re visualizing our perfect person to have a passion for marketing in the broadest sense, and innately knowing what levers to pull to see a project succeed. We’ll need you to have a certain flair and finesse with the way you do your Account Manager thang, and you’ll have no problems in how you communicate to everyone that’s involved in a project, because it’s just the kind of person you are.

You’re passionate about and have a great understanding of the FULL marketing mix; easily identifying a client’s challenges and knows how the agency can help them to achieve their goals. Your time management skills are NEXT level, so you can not only prioritize and manage your own workload but also schedule others within your team, always with one eye on the deadline.

For All of The Dot Point Lovers Out There, You Are:  

  • Persuasive, confident and a person that other people like to be around;
  • Experienced, with at least three years in an agency;
  • Have a good understanding of the full marketing mix;
  • A clear communicator who can smash a presentation / pitch / report or brief;
  • A creative thinker and problem solver;
  • Love a good old’ GANTT chart;
  • A motivating Account manager, able to get the most out of the team, on time and in budget;
  • Highly organized and flexible;
  • Comfortable with numbers, pulling together quotes and managing your sales sheet.

For Some Extra Brownie Points: 

  • A huge part of hiring for this role is attitude first. So, if you’re creative, curious, driven and have some cool ways of doing stuff, then chances are you’ll probably get on well;
  • This client loves people who are pro-active, super organized and resourceful, open-minded, chill, likes long lunches on the daily, and finishing work at 4pm on a Friday; and
  • You’ll kick some goals and gain respect if you like to take the lead, and there’ll be some extra brownie points if you like indoor plants & cacti too!

Does this sound interesting?

Are you intrigued?

I hope so, and I hope you feel compelled to personally hunt me down to chat about it.

Here’s how you’ll find me:

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